A healthy snack

Pistachio Nuts the healthy choice

Vitamin A helps you see in the dark and stimulates growth of all body cells and tissues.

Antioxidants – Nuts contain a variety of antioxidants including flavonoids, phenolic compounds, vitamin C, beta-carotene, luteolin and tocotrienols. These antioxidants have benefits for the health of blood vessels, and for reducing the risk of clogged arteries.

Arginine – is an amino acid that helps keep blood vessels healthy.

Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) helps all body cells produce energy from carbohydrates.

Vitamin B6 helps the body produce proteins that are used to make up the cells of the body. Vitamin B6 also helps produce important body chemicals like insulin haemoglobin and antibodies to fight infections.

Calcium builds strong teeth and bones, helps muscles contract (including the heart) and helps sustain normal nerve function.

Copper helps all cells to produce energy and helps make haemoglobin that carries oxygen in the blood.

Cholesterol – because nuts are a plant food, they are naturally cholesterol free!

Vitamin E promotes healthy cells and tissues and, as an antioxidant, may play a role in preventing heart disease and cancer .A diet low in vitamin E has been associated with the development of type 2 diabetes. It has also been shown to help insulin work more effectively in people with diabetes. An average serve of nuts provides more than 20% of the recommended dietary intake.

Folate is essential to cell formation and renewal. Folate plays an important role in preventing birth defects and may be involved in reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Iron is critical for the body to transport oxygen to the cells. It is an essential part of haemoglobin in red blood cells.

Magnesium is a component of healthy bones and an important part of over 30 enzymes that regulate many body functions such as muscle contractions.

Phosphorus helps generate new cells and also is important to help the body effectively use carbohydrates, protein and fat.

Potassium balances body fluids and electrolytes. Vital for muscle contractions and nerve impulses, potassium also improves endurance when exercising.

Plant Sterols – Nuts contain plant sterols, substances that reduce cholesterol absorption.

Selenium aids in cell growth and works like an antioxidant with vitamin E to protect body cells from damage that could lead to heart disease and cancer.

Zinc is essential for growth. It promotes cell reproduction and tissue growth for repair and healing wounds.

Fat content of the Pistachio Nut
71% monounsaturated fat
16% polyunsaturated fat
13% saturated fat